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Thread: PvP Servers?

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    PvP Servers?

    As some may remember the Happydigger Servers were PvP before we wiped them. In the last weeks i thought about potential design for PvP servers and refined them over time to actuall concepts. The question is if there is even interest in PvP from the community, where you guys come in. I won´t go into too much detail, but will show a bit of ONE concept that would be possible. There are many others aswell, but i will only go into them if there are some peeps interested in them. Now to the details:

    - 2 server cluster, max. tribe limit of 2-3 = will limit spreading of the players and big tribes teaming up to dominate the server
    -> cluster will have a "theme".
    Example 1: Aberation + Genesis = no rideable flyer.
    Example 2: SE + Extinction = Extreme climate
    Example 3: Certain Items / dinos cant be crafted/wont spawn like flamethrower/shotgun or dinos as rexes/gachas, again, only examples.
    - high rates around 4-6x of official rates, this includes harvesting, xp, taming, with lower but still advanced rates for breeding
    - cluster will be wiped after a certain time, lets say 3-6 months
    - after the wipe everyone will be able to keep his character and bring it over to the next cluster, so there will allways be a fresh start for new players but old players still keep some of their labour around.

    -> With this i hope to create a fast, but still long fresh feeling PvP enviremont that gives new players a chance but doesnt punish the longtime players too hard. With the high rates it will be possible to build up very quickly in case you get raided, so you can come back and get your revenge! Rules are not in stone yet but harassing players so they cant build up after getting raided will definitly be a no go and will get you forced out of the PvP servers. For what counts as harassing i will go into that if there is interest.

    End game breeding and base building will be a keypoint of this system, as the high rates will enable that themself. For this there will be certain limits to keep the bases in check (maybe turret limit, maybe structure limit for spam.

    This is one concept without going into it too much, that is definitly possible and should be fair for new and old players.

    But what do you think, is there an interest or are you satisfied with the PvE Servers?
    Tell me in the comments!

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    Sounds like a good idea.

    A idea that i had would be to add the PvP cluster with the PvE cluster but only with char transfer.

    Example: PvE has: Extiction, genesis, valguero & crystal isles so my char can get max level 125 with Genesis boss & chibi.
    PvP would have Season 1: Island and aberation so i would have 6 months to do alpha tek cave & alpha rockwell to get the levels there too.

    And than before the wipe be able to transfer the tamed dinos from the PvP server to the PvE ( for example i love reapers but cant get any.

    What do you think?

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    I dont like the idea to start with your PvE character, players had enough time there to get the levels and engramms without worry.

    The PvP Servers won´t be clustered with the PvE servers, it would already start with a disadvantage for new players.
    I don´t see a problem for now to transfer dinos from the PvP servers to the PvE cluster at the end of a season, since everyone can play on the same servers.

    About the cluster Island and AB is there any reason except your personal interest for ascension? Because i don´t see a theme / complementary elements of these two ARK´s. Don´t forget it´s about getting a PvP player base with maps that suit each other.

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    Island and ab was a example for the 2x extra 15 levels.

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    Will pvp be a thing? Since we have only 1 vote lol

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    Thats the problem, with this little interest it makes no sense to open a PvP server. I may have time to set it up and advertise it the future,
    but right now i can´t and don´t want to invest this much time in something that nobody has interest in.

    If we get atleast 4-5 Players that want to play (not same tribe and more than 5h a week) i would invest the time.

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