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    Wink Who will be next to vote ?

    It will probably not be me: You have already voted on this server today. Come back in 9.94 hours!
    Or, maybe
    Good luck to The Lucky One
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    Guaranteed top in 15 mins or less (unless they vote ofc).

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    Stargate Atlantis mod added to Ark Valhalla

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    Ocean Breeding, DJH's More Storage, and Photon Sentry N Rifle mods have been added to the Valhalla server.

    Ocean breeding will allow us to breed most water dinos as an intermediate mod until the Ark devs (eventually) release water dino breeding officially.

    DJH's More Storage adds specialized item containers with metal and obsidian versions that are stronger and hold more.

    Photon Sentries are a new kind of turret that fires slower than normal auto turrets but deals more damage. It also includes a photon tranq rifle that has been edited to do 800 torpor per shot.

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    Save Manager mod added to the Valhalla server. This will let people know when the server is saving.

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    The Ark servers are being updated to version 246. This is a rather large update so the servers will be down for several hours by the looks of it.

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    My client downloaded 8.2 GB tonight.

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    After 12 hours of downloading (ugh), the connection timed out. I had to start the downloads over again.

    Update 2:

    So the power went out in my part of the city. What are the odds right? So I've restarted the updates again.

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