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    Ark servers updated to version 275.31.

    I'm changing the stack mod on Aberration to a newer version that has been steadily updated for over a year now. Our current stack mod has been unsupported for many months and I was hoping it would be taken over by a new modder or resolved (there's back story to the orginal modder), but I've waited long enough and it's time to make a change even if it's going to cause some headaches for a while. Aberration will be the first to receive the stack mod with it being so new so there shouldn't be a huge affect on the rest of the cluster yet. If it pans out, I'll change the rest of the cluster to follow suit.

    This means you shouldn't transfer aberration resources from Aberration to other servers on the cluster without the same stack mod. Items are fine like armors, weapons, buildings, etc. Just not any resources ranging from kibbles to metal to gas and the rest of them.

    I'm also removing the custom loot config from Aberration until I understand a bit more how the loot is being affected. It's obvious from reddit posts that there are changes and I don't want the config to interfere with the default drops until I get an idea on the mechanics of the loot specific for Aberration.

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    Structures Plus updated on all Ark servers. Ark servers updated to version 275.33. The issue with downloading aberration dinos should be fixed.

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    Ragnarok appears to be unable to go online at this moment. This is a port issue rather than a server issue. Should be resolved when InsaneJ is available. I've sent him a message

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    Ragnarok is join-able again.

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    When i try to join it say's "make sure the mods are updated".

    Any idea what i can do?

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    Quote Originally Posted by anonxmoud View Post
    When i try to join it say's "make sure the mods are updated".

    Any idea what i can do?
    I'm not seeing Rag online. not sure what might be causing this.

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    Ran another update on Ragnarok. I don't have time to see the results. I'll check back later.

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    Booted up Ark, Ragnarok is joinable. There is a player already online. Seems to be good.

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    It works, mods are loading.

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