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    Rule change: Extinction Titans cannot be used in PvP.

    They're too powerful, they can be transferred between servers, and there is little to no counters for them. Using a titan in PvP would essentially wipe a base on any server with very little effort. Taming for PvE purposes such as achievements, orbital supply drops, etc is fine. If an Extinction Titan (not a titanosaur) is used in PvP then there will be no warning, it will be an automatic ban.

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    The HappyDiggers Extinction server is now open to all. I hope the donors enjoyed their private server for a month

    There will be more for donors down the line as I find time to work on the servers.

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    Ark servers updated to version 288.114. Servers are running the holiday event.

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    ArkAPI, Advanced Chat, Ark Shop, and Permissions plugins updated.

    New plugins added:
    RCON Cross Server Chat - Old Cross Server Chat plugin was retired, this one works better with advanced chat.
    Plugin Server Manager - Can restart a crashed server automatically (doesn't work in all cases).

    Vote rewards temporarily removed as it is outdated and unsupported. A new vote rewards plugin is available, but it will take some 3rd party vote website installation before we're even able to utilize it.

    Note: In the most recent Ark update, Ark devs removed the ability to have colored names via plugins. That may or may not change in the future, but special icons should still work in the mean time.

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    Ark servers updated to version 292.100. S+ mod update. V-Day event temporarily enabled upon request by a player that missed it, but only for the Ragnarok map.

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    I've made some modifications to my work in progress autoserverupdate script. It's currently running live.

    The current rendition of the script will check for game server updates every 5 mins. If an update is available the standard 10 minute countdown will commence followed by a server save, shutdown, update, and restart.

    This will not check for mod updates. If the auto server update detection works then I'll work on auto mod update detection.

    If the servers are down, it's possible they're auto updating. If they stay down for more than 15 minutes please let us know via the usual channels on the forums.

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    S+ got 2 bug fix patches in the last 2 days. Can't join the server cause of mod mismatch. I assume the server needs to be updated with these 2 patches.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Metamorfos View Post
    S+ got 2 bug fix patches in the last 2 days. Can't join the server cause of mod mismatch. I assume the server needs to be updated with these 2 patches.
    Initiating an update cycle.

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    A 3rd bug fix patch was released. Probably the last one. Still can't join until update.

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    Remember when we all used to play modded Minecraft and all you needed was a mod pack and you'd be good to go? The server would remain stable until the server maintainer decided to update and everybody could be told in advance when to update? Yeah, those were fun times

    I've initiated another update cycle.

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