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    26 more votes for our Ark The Island server and we become the first server to reach 1,000

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    We've reached 1,000 votes! Nice job everyone

    It also looks like Asgard Awakens is still trying to catch up to us. Keep the votes coming

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    Keep those votes coming! The next contender "Asgard Awakens" in second place has been voting just as much as we have for several months now so we're not losing the lead, but we are also not gaining a higher lead.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jiro_89 View Post
    Keep those votes coming!
    Btw guys, try this link for voting

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    Cool 1105!

    Didn't realise I hadn't voted!!

    Just done it! Congratulations on 1105 Likes! well deserved!

    It's also great to see so many people on the server!!

    13 I believe last night!!

    Glad we joined all those months ago now!! Because we are named Trump's Tributes!

    We will take all the credit!! :P

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    AsgardAwakens seems to have disappeared from community vote section after being offline for a week. It looks like we're uncontested again

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    I've added the HappyDiggers TFC server to Link. Might help the server get some more exposure.

    Feel free to vote for our server, make it a daily routine, whatever you can do to help promote the server

    Link is also added to the top-right of the front page.

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    Don't forget to vote

    Our Scorched Earth server has made it to the front page too! Aberration and Ragnarok are slowly working their way up.

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    Smile Thanks everyone for all your votes !!!

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    and .... a really nice cake for all of you !!!

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    You can now vote for our Teamspeak server as well which is integrated to the server listings at The following link is also listed on our front page for convenience.

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