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    TickThreading is alive?!?

    Look what I saw here today:

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    For those that don't know. TickThreading is a mod that allows Minecraft servers to run multi threaded. In short this means that it allows servers to run much faster than they normally can. It's what allows us to have huge bases with tons of machinery, quarries, several dimensions, a ton of chunkloaders and more on the AMP server while still maintaining a solid 20 TPS.

    Unfortunately TickThreading was considered a burnout project for developers. As in, they would burn themselves out trying to keep the mod functional and compatible with all the mods out there. It was simply too much work to maintain so the dev stopped at Minecraft 1.6.4 while the last sort of working release was for Minecraft 1.5.2 which is what we're using on the current AMP server.

    If the dev has started working on this mod again that's certainly exciting news. If this leads to a working version for a bunch of major mods it might mean we get to play an updated version of AMP in the future

    Can't wait!
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    Found a post on FTB forum:
    Quote Originally Posted by nallar

    Good news, everyone!

    TickProfiler, NTweaks and Modpatcher are now available for 1.8.[8/9].

    I'm planning a less ambitious version of TickThreading for 1.8.9. I've spent quite a bit of time recently working on ModPatcher (the patching engine which was part of TickThreading, as a separate mod), which will make patching things in TT less of a pain. By implementing per-world threading instead of multiple threads per world, the number of patches required will be significantly reduced. May also include a +5 bonus to my SANITY stat.

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