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    Talking Tilt On Gaming Channel - Who Am I

    Whats going on HappyDiggers community, i'm Tilt and I have just started a new YouTube channel for gaming reviews and gameplay. Definitely going to be showcasing some mods and hopefully be playing on some of your guys' servers for Minecraft in the future and look forward to the road ahead!
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    Good luck! And I'm looking forward to seeing you record on our servers

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    Best wishes and good luck. It would be very interesting to see some good gaming videos, especially related to HD.

    Your first video evokes mixed feelings.

    You want to make a good gaming channel. You tell you like editing videos.
    But your first video contains nearly no original gaming content and seemingly nearly no editing.
    Riding a car in GTA5, some shooting, some flying - when YouTube is full of much more interesting GTA5 videos.
    Using a free template CGI intro and outtro and adding a Cessna picture - not much editing from my consumer's perception.

    Also such a "Who am I" video would be interesting to me after a long subscription on your channel, when after some good gaming content
    I want to know something about you. But starting with this instead of some juicy gaming compilation showing your personal skills and perception ... hmmm ... mixed feelings.

    The second Rockleague video - no commentary after the first half of the video? Oh cmon.

    The flow of speech and audio quality/levels are nice.

    This post is 100% my personal opinion and is not in any way a representation of HD community opinion and is not expected to be any close to average YouTube viewer opinion

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