Please use this list to report issues:

  • Check to see if someone else reported the same issue. If so, add your report to that thread.
  • Mention the server on which you had the problem in the topic title. Example: [FreebieTFC], [ARK], [snapshot], [lobby], etc.

Include the following in your report.

  • What did you (try to) do?
  • What did you expect to happen?
  • What happened instead?
  • The date and time the problem happened. On the TFC serves you can press TAB to see the server's time, please report this time whenever possible. It's in CET. It helps us track events in the log files.
  • Which version of Minecraft and mods or mod pack are you using? (don't ever say: latest/current/last We need numbers)
  • Any and all crash reports related to the reported issue.