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    What happens to someone who threatens the FireKeepers or their allies.


    Yesterday a player named Shitsild broke into a cave my tribe owned that had several gates at the entrance and a metal outpost inside with bunkbeds, boxes of loot, etc. Natrually, my tribe retaliated. We started by removing the doors he installed on the cave, then installing more of our own doors with the added protection of turret defenses.

    Today he realized that we had taken back the cave and started saying he was going to fight us for it. In response, DocOlds and I mounted our war quetz and made our way over to the island the cave is located on to protect our interests. Shitsild foresaw we would be coming and tried to fly up on our backside to attack when suddenly, he was shot down before he even knew what happened. You see, our war quetz is loaded with automatic turrets so a sneak attack was not in his favor.

    The very second the pteranodon Shitsild was flying was shot down, he changed his tune. Suddenly, according to Shitsild, it was our fault there was a conflict and claimed we were being aggressive without provocation and then he escalated to accusing me of admin abuse. After trying to talk to him and failing miserably because he was too frantic and kept claiming we were at fault, we hit his base and made sure he didn't have flyers to retaliate with. This sent him into a crazed state and not long after he left the server "for good" and we're all the better for it. He has landed himself in our freshly built prison with that new paint smell! He even got a free orange jump suit.

    A player named Shitsild broke into one of our bases, gutted the base, and stole the items inside. He initiated a PvP battle with us and was destroyed in seconds. He didn't back down so we took out his other birds. He then quit. We jailed his body in our prison if he should return.
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