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Thread: Can't Log In

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    Can't Log In

    I can't log into the Freebie TFC server, is it down? I checked Mojang and it seems they aren't having any issues.

    Thanks for the help

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    Yep, seems down. HC too.

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    TFC is down
    TFCHC is down
    Donortfc is up
    Donortfchc is up
    Freebietfc is up

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    What is Freebietfc?

    What is the difference between Freebietfc and TFC??

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    Both servers (TFC and TFCHC) have been restarted and are running as of this post.

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    Current tfc will be closed, there are two iterations of this server, freebietfc and donortfc.
    Current tfchc will be closed, and the new one is donortfchc
    Added technodefc aka tnfc.
    The ark in tfc will be coppied to freebietfc and donortfc.
    The ark in tfchc will be copied to the donortfchc.

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