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    Thumbs up Possibly Expanding Server Capacity on Freebie Server

    The server is staying full for hours at a time now which is rather annoying to people that have been playing on this server for quite a while. I am hoping that you guys will expand the freebie server from 20 to 30 at the very least since it is one of the most popular on the TFC forums please look in to it for the sake of the server patrons. Thank you guys!!
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    agreed. it needs more space.

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    Yeah same issue, suddenly can't log on tho :/

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hydralyncs View Post
    Yeah same issue, suddenly can't log on tho :/
    i'm monitoring the dynmap at the moment.
    anyone who quit can't rejoin

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    The freebie servers cost money to maintain. J pays for the servers out of his own money. To increase capacity he needs to buy (with money) more server capacity. Getting into the donor servers is cheap, (15 euros for a year). The donor server user caps are almost never reached.

    Link to donate:

    Quote from J describing donor packages:

    Quote Originally Posted by InsaneJ View Post
    These are the current donor packages:
    Donor 15,00 EUR

    Donor Awesome 30,00 EUR
    Donor Legendary 60,00 EUR
    Donor Epic 100,00 EUR
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    We reached server cap of 20 players on Freebie TFC? Cool

    The reason there's a cap of 20 isn't arbitrary and has nothing to do with the server being free.

    Right now the server is fresh which means there is very little farm land, few fruit trees, few animals, almost no TFC machines, etc. Once the towns get more settled there's more stuff going on which requires more server resources. After having run TFC servers for quite a long time now we know from experience that on a settled server the maximum amount of players you can have on before you start to experience server side lag is about 20.

    Now that we have new hardware we could try increasing the amount of players. But don't expect miracles here. Minecraft is still very much a single threaded application. The new server has more CPU cores, but not faster CPU cores. This means it can run more servers, but each server itself won't be much faster than it was on the previous server.

    I'll increase the limit for the Freebie TFC server to 25 and we'll see how it goes.

    And yeah, it seems Mojang servers are down again. I can't even log in as well right now. That should get fixed soon-ish. It always does

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    Quote Originally Posted by latyper View Post
    Getting into the donor servers is cheap, (15 euros for a year).
    I totally agree with latyper
    But I found this information in the forum:
    Current plan for pricing:

    • free means free.
    • tier 1 €15,- / for as long as we're running Minecraft servers. Access to all the tier 1 servers.
    This makes donation even more cheaper
    So guys - don't hesitate and make a as long as we're running Minecraft servers donation.

    Link to donate:

    Link to the thread "New server plans":


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