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    TFCHC Ark causing Crash

    I tried entering the TFCHC Ark and the game crashed. When I attempt to relog I crash again. I can enter the other servers just not TFCHC. Any help would be very much appreciated. Here is the crash report:

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    The items on the Ark are the cause of many issues on that server. Not sure what can be done to remove the crashes until we wait for those items to despawn. They are from a broken chest in the bottom floor of the Ark. Anyone who looks at them or in their direction gets the crash...

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    I know exactly where that chest is. I was actually able to go into my ark room, figure out all my things had turned into ingot molds. open a couple chests I had. I clicked on that one and it crashed my client. I was able to log back in after however.
    There is a chest chohong left in my room ( not lockette-ed).
    If J is looking for it in MC-edit you go into the cabin to the left of the stairs up, it is left of the door against the far bulkhead. Two blocks up.
    Hoiwever I suspect the entire ARK cut and paste needs redone/reattempted as the Item IDS are all scrambled. I have lead trapdoors in my ark room too. I have no idea what they were lol.

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    It sounds like redoing the copy paste is what will probably need to happen. J told me something about all the item IDs being off by 1 digit.

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    Seriousness aside, I think I know what allowed corruption to creep into the Hardcore Ark.

    It was unbelief, disavowal of roots, disdain of deities.

    The Regular Ark had a holy relic from an ancient temple - the Holy Armor Stand of Jiro.
    Placed on the bowsprit and combined with inextinguishable lamp, it generated so much grace that the Ark had minimal damage warping through void between worlds.

    And - the area around the Ark was long protected by the holy prayer graven in planks - "Praise Jiro!". Only just before the world ending was the holy text defiled, causing small losses in Regular Ark.

    No such relics were protecting Hardcore Ark and it was its woe. Chaos penetrated the puny wooden walls and had its jolly dance of disorder.

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    I think I figured out the missing/invisible/microscopic animals - they are all 'bred' ones and none of them have been born yet. Can someone set their NBT birth dates to a few years ago?

    I've cleaned up some of the duplicated ones, but until I can see the others I can't cull them back down to one each.

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    Ah no hang on, the animals are all vanilla:-(

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    We knew the animals could probably not be moved. We never made any promises on that. If it worked it worked, if not then that's just too bad.

    The main point was that we'd try to move player skills and stuff that people would put in chests. Unfortunately players went and put all sorts of things in the arks. A lot of those things like tool racks and vessels could not be moved to the new server.

    There are a bunch of reasons why the move wasn't anywhere near perfect. One is that the item IDs for the old and new server were different. As a result we had to convert the item data for everything in the ark to those of the new servers. This was a complicated process.

    Another huge issue is that TFC stores all sorts of data in it's items and animals which we can't simply convert or change. I'm not going to convert anymore item data in the ark. We spend a huge amount of time trying to move things from the old to the new servers. As far as I know this is unheard of. Unfortunately things aren't perfect. A lot of stuff works, a lot of stuff doesn't. Things are the way they are. I'm sorry for the stuff that doesn't. However by the time our resident expert on the conversion progress (LarsonPacific) will be able to help us again, it'll be too late to matter.

    As far as the crashes go. From what I've heard it can happen when broken TFC items are rendered by the client. TFC then throws the well known index array out of bounds exception. Basically it's TFC code not testing values before using them and not having a try ... catch mechanism for this stuff. Often times the crashing client will resolve itself over time as items despawn or decay.

    If the problem persists for longer than a day or two let us know and I'll see about resetting your player position.

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    Yes, the animals are messed up for the same reason chests are/were. We managed to find a workaround for the chests, but we can't use the same workaround for entities unfortunately. MCEdit schematics save some container and entity ID's as names rather than numbers. They did this to improve compatibility, but in our case, it really screws with it, by not allowing us to force source/destination ID's, leaving the translation up to MCEdit, which gets it wrong. If every item on the ark is off by one digit and is like it was after the first run, then the ark is all but useless. If that's the case, would we be able to replace the ark with a fixed schematic when I get back to civilization? I know it would be a pain, and if we can't, we can't... I've just got a slightly ridiculous amount of time tied up in those droppers. Like several hundred hours :/

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