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    [TNFC] Chest corruption - items lost

    • What did you (try to) do? Nothing in particular
    • What did you expect to happen? The game to function properly
    • What happened instead? I had just placed down railcraft blastfurnace blocks without completing it, I placed coke oven blocks as well. While that had just been done, I started smelting an iron anvil in a crucible. I placed 9 white elm logs in a jabba better barrel. Around me I had 8 double chests full of my possessions which were all made of acacia wood. When I right clicked one chest, it rendered funny, instead of showing my chests content it showed half my own inventory as being inside the chest and half my inventory in my inventory. Then I tried disconnecting, reconnecting, and half my acacia wood chests had gotten replaced by tfc oak chests. Those newly made chests were empty, when I opened one of my old chests my game crashed. Then I re-logged and broke down all my chests and got back only half my stuff.
    • The date and time the problem happened. On the TFC serves you can press TAB to see the server's time, please report this time whenever possible. It's in CET. It helps us track events in the log files. 03/28/2016 around 22:00 CET (maybe a little bit before) My position on the Donor.TNFC is x -3238 y 144 z -6532.
    • Which version of Minecraft and mods or mod pack are you using? (don't ever say: latest/current/last We need numbers) Technode Firmacraft Mod from AT launcher please let me know what numbers you need if not listed below.
    • Minecraft 1.7.10
    • MCP v9.05
    • FML v7.10.99.99
    • Minecraft Forge
    • Optifine OptiFine_1.7.10.HD.D1
    • 101 mods loaded 101 mods active
    • TNFC[coremod] 2.16.0
    • TFC[coremod] 0.79.28
    • TechNodefirmacraft 2.8.0

    I lost a lot of things but the only stuff I clearly recall I had an am missing is about 4-5 stacks of graphite some seeds (wheat, rye, maize, green bean, jute) some fruit tree saplings (red/green apple, peach, cherry, and few other, about 1-3 of each).

    I have stopped playing shortly after in case I would lose progress, lets say a localized rollback is possible.
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