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    Does anyone else ever feel like they never have enough sticks?

    I never seem to have enough. I blast through sticks making stacks of ladders that I use when mining. What do you guys do to keep an ample stick supply?

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    Do you use shears or scythe? Scythe has half the drop rate of sticks/saplings versus hands or shears.

    I am stocking up white elm now and after shearing about 40 trees I got ~ 10+ stacks of sticks.
    I usually mine making a big cave, using ladders (or somitimes chiseled spiral stairs) only for descending down to ore cloud, so don't need much ladders. Idk, never felt a lack of sticks. I guess you just mine much more

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    I never do the spiral stair cases; I just dig straight down and use ladders. I also tend to just mine the ore blocks themselves. I don't mine raw stone because that can cause cave ins. Instead I use the hammer and chisel to get at ore I can't reach. This results in a hornets nest of rock that I use ladders to navigate. Maybe that is why I'm using my ladders up so fast.

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    I grow willows for charcoal and I use scythe to reclaim the saplings when I cut the trees down. I seem to get so many sticks every time that I don't know where to keep them (and I "convert" most of them into ladders anyway). I think willows are the most "leafy" trees in TFC.

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