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    ARK: Base destruction rule breach?

    Hi admins, just a quick note to get a ruling on a case of base destruction possibly in contravention of the Ark server rule of 'no base wiping'.

    'Prelude' has damaged a base at the foot of the volcano (53,38) belonging to tribe 'cotton candy' (formerly Tribe of Bob) and made no attempt to take anything as would occur in a traditional raid.
    Prelude's explanation for his actions are that he was specifically goaded into attacking the base by Nielsvklink of cotton candy. There was a considerable amount of trash talk (in both directions); my knowledge of Dutch is still limited and whilst I didn't witness the start of the conflict I certainly saw more abuse coming from Niels than going the other way. Some of it did sound as though it corroborates Prelude's side of the story, but nevertheless, it would appear to be a breach of server rules.

    When confronted by me, Prelude was somewhat apologetic for his actions but maintained he reacted to the persistent provocation.

    Screenshot shows damage to base.
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    As I was also present at the time and having seen the base, I am not sure if it would clasify as a raid, the amount of walls blwon out and not stuff taken would rather clasify as pure raizing of a base.

    But I do need to say the amount of trash talk comming form Niels was just saddning, we asked both to stop and continue te game but they just couldn't drop it, imo it became to personal at times ...

    Just my 2 cents

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