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    Spleef Cup Like or not?

    I think most of minecrafter's heard about the Spleef World Cup and I want to see if there are people that enjoy this game and want to sign up.

    Also a link for those that are interested

    Spleef World Cup 2012

    PS: heard that there are some prizes (still secret tho )

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    RE: Spleef Cup Like or not?

    It's a great server u should try it out, marius and me did and we had fun.

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    RE: Spleef Cup Like or not?

    That looks like fun, gonna have to try it out

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    RE: Spleef Cup Like or not?

    So it's a spleen cup on a differnt server, or on doms server?

    I think a it would be awesome of Dom held a spleef
    cup on his server.

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