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Thread: Essentials?

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    Would essentials be added into the server?
    The permissions might be hard to do, and it probably might mess it up, but since we have towny spawn teleportation and such, why shouldn't we have tpa and other things like that?
    i'm expecting this to be declined or already be in it xdddddd

    Well, you know what they say.

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    Isn't the Essentials plugin already included? Well, we have /home and /spawn cmds...
    Tpa - can't consider from my point of view (too OP, resource intensive; not suitable for TFC? - in the way of preserving reliability of the mod)
    And would we even need "the other things", such as /heal, /repair? (Not usually allowed for regular players anyways )

    Oh and trade-related stuff is not worth mentioning since there is no money system
    It's not up to me to consider these, but I think we are fine with the current situation

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    We run essentials on all of our server. We have done so for as long as we've been running Minecraft servers, not just TFC

    We don't allow player to player teleportation because of the balance we've tried to strike between people who don't want any kind of teleports and people who do. It's hard to satisfy everybody. Which is why we have a Hardcore TFC server without any kind of teleports and three other servers that have several kinds of teleportation options.

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