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    ARK: update to v243 please

    V243.2 is released could we please have the server updated ?

    Thanks allot

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    I won't be able to update the server until tomorrow. Jiro (or any other admin ) if you read this before I get around to updating and have a few minutes to spare: feel free

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    Some bad stuff being reported, might be worth holding off a little while in case there's a further update which doesn't cause all quetz platform buildings to be destroyed and spawn random boulders into dinos killing them.

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    Ok, just let me know when to update

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    I would like the update happen, the sooner the better, since allot of people get their game updates automatically they won't be able to play on the server anymore ... Like me

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    They've released a further patch so it doesn't look like they're going to fix anything that's already gone wrong, guess we just have to go for it now.

    Ready to update then please J, there's a wipe of all wild dinos which take a while to process, so don't worry if it doesn't come up immediately.

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    Server has been updated to 243.4.

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    Quote Originally Posted by InsaneJ View Post
    Server has been updated to 243.4.
    Is it also possible to update the server to .8, this fixes some spawn issues and pillar snapping

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    Server has been updated to 243.8.

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