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    Quote Originally Posted by Kodo98 View Post
    Well, Elbe's post explains everything. I've joined Icehollow now, so I think there wouldn't be a problem, other than someone else from moscow complaining about the same thing. Maybe someone should put up a post there?
    Other than that, case closed.
    Quote Originally Posted by Rainnmannx View Post
    I'm sure rubber wouldn't mind giving the nickle that you mined back? Was there any other ores you mined? So what do you say rubber?
    The problems with 2 people writing at the same time

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    Ah, posted at the same time .
    For anyone else be sure when you join a town if you put stuff in a public spot, and dont keep it locketted, then this is a possibility. If you don't want stuff disapering dont put it in a towns public area unless your ok with it being taken.

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    Btw lockette for ingots is explained at spawn, and droppers can be used also.

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    Found this, so it confirms the events, so case closed. It is actually awesome to see how big towns appear, die, move, etc. Like irl during eons. Thanks to RubberRobo and others for information and for keeping towns alive, evolving and prosperous

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