For anyone wishing to join a town.
1. You get your own plot, up to 4 on the main island build however you like.
(no anvils, farmland, bushes, or fruit trees without permision)
2. Can have 1 freezer plot to store food.
3. Can have plots in the first outpost.
4. Public farm (replant what you harvest)
5. Can milk the cow and sheer sheep. Do not kill animals.
(if kept up can breed them for food if oked)
6. Public smith, if you leave it it's public.
7. If you want to progress on your on that's fine, anvils can be stored in droppers once achieved, then you can use the public ones.
8. Pick all the fruit you wish.
9. What you mine or gather is yours, no requiredment to give to town, though you can if you wish.
Mainly on freebie, Will have towns on donor and hc.