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    Our secondary server is getting a memory upgrade

    As some of you know we currently have 2 physical servers. One is hosted at my place, the other at Sverf's. The server at Sverf's place is getting a memory upgrade tomorrow. We'll be replacing the 6x 2GB with 6x 8GB modules for a total of 48GB tripple channel RAM.

    The secondary server currently hosts the HappyDiggers Vanilla, Snapshot, MC and FTB servers. But as we've discovered 12GB is not enough to run all that properly.

    Tomorrow, Sunday June 25th, after 16:00 CET the server will be down for a bit. After the memory upgrade is complete and assuming everything works OK, we'll start working on a new FTB server. I've been playing around with a home brew 1.9.4 mod pack and I'm licking it so far. However the big mods are mostly absent and have been replaced by new mod authors. The result is that the quality of mods is lower than it was for say: Minecraft 1.6.4 and 1.7.10. There are quite a few bugs and quirks but overall things are pretty nice.

    The new IC2 replacement, Tech Reborn, is really nice. Also the AE2 replacement, Refined Storage, is something to get excited about. Forestry has been ported to 1.9.4 and work is being done on getting a Buildcraft version stable for 1.9.4. I'm currently waiting for BC and maybe Binnie's mods (extra bees/trees). But we could just get started without those and maybe start over after a bit. At first we'll have to sort out the new mods, change configs, add or remove a few, etc. It'll be a fun new AMP adventure.

    We'll see how things work out. If home brew proves too much of a hassle we can always put an official FTB pack on the server

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    It took a bit of doing, but we finally managed to get this server to run with 48GB of memory. The tricky bit was that this motherboard's chipset, Intel X58, does not officially support more than 24GB of RAM. Also it didn't help that I put in ECC registered RAM initially. That's meant for servers running motherboards with server chipsets and Xeon CPUs.

    Anyway, we're now rocking 48GB of triple channel DDR3 in this server. This means we can now give all the Minecraft instances a little more RAM and get a shiny new instance of AMP up and running for the V.I.P. members

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