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    Crops won't drop (TFC freebie)

    I have been trying to harvest my crops, but they drop nothing when broken.

    I can confirm my onions were "ripe", but gave no onion and no seeds.
    I was using my fist to harvest.
    Breaking the farmland also yield nothing.
    Breaking unripe crop still drops no seed.

    Server date 2016-07-26
    Server time 01:16
    I broke 3 unripe crop at that time to help identify the bug. Previous attempts were made 30+ mins ago


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    Tested crops, none dropped the food or seed.
    used hand and stone hoe
    unclaimed and claimed land
    going to plant some crops to see if those work.
    CD, where these crops planted before or after the server update?
    crops where planted after update.
    also is occurring on donor and hc.
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    Does this also happen in single player?
    What about on a local Forge-only server?

    If this is specific to Cauldron then we'll need to try to get support there.

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    update on the bug

    I have been able to harvest my crops on the server using a black bronze scythe.
    Hand and knife still don't drop, but scythe work perfectly.
    Could this be a config where you can't harvest without the proper tool?

    03:09 server time at 2016-08-01 server date

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    Local forge and single player are ok.
    Tried any other scythes? Will check this out when I have time.

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    Nope, can't afford another scythe.
    Edit: RX confirmed copper scythe works as well.
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