So not everybody playing Ark has two Titan X cards running SLI. Hopefully this thread can help you find a way to optimize your Ark client to get some more FPS or stable FPS out of your machine.

Launch Options
First up is the launch options. In your game library you can right click the Ark game and select "Properties" at the bottom. In the "Properties" menu there is a button called "SET LAUNCH OPTIONS...". Select it. Type in "-USEALLAVAILABLECORES -sm4 -d3d10" in the text box and press "OK".

The flag -USEALLAVAILABLECORES forces the game to utilize your computer's other cores helping with the load of the game. -sm4 is a shader flag that puts your game's shader at it's absolute lowest automatically on startup. -d3d10 forces your game to use DirectX10 instead of DirectX11.

If you're playing on Valhalla keep the "-sm4" flag out of your launch options. It will remove the day time sky and make the sky have 24/7 night time sky to save on fps.

Game Mode Options
Next on the list is selecting the appropriate game mode to start the game in based on your machine. Right click your Ark game icon in the Steam library to select a game mode.

"Play Game..." Will start Ark with all settings at default level and will utilize all of Ark's graphical abilitys (and disabilities). Only suggested if you have an average to new graphics card. I can run this setting well with my GTX 970 for example.

"Launch Ark (Low Memory 4GB)" Starts the game in a lower memory capped mode of the main Ark game. This is a useful mode if your graphics card is just shy of performing well in the typical "Play Game..." option. This mode has some fps increase while keeping your game looking pretty.

"Launch Ark (Extremely Low Memory)" This option starts ark with the lowest playable settings automatically. If you have an older graphics card this option can help! Comparable to the other modes, this will have very visible changes in graphics but it can help increase your fps as well. I used this mode exclusively when I was playing with integrated graphics on a laptop.

In Game Options
Lowering game option sliders and settings is pretty self explanatory. Essentially, the more you lower the more the graphics are lowered which should help with your FPS. Some specific settings that can greatly affect FPS are: Resolution Scale, Mesh Detail, Dynamic Tessellation, Ground Clutter, View Distance, Post Processing, Textures, and Motion Blur.

Command Line Options
These options are a little more time consuming and probably won't help your FPS as much as the previously listed options. When you hit "TAB" a command line pops up on your screen and you can type in specific commands to change graphical options. This can be handy for game-play as much as changing options for FPS.

For example, have you ever had those crazy bright glares when the sun is reflecting off of metal in your character's face making it very difficult to see or make out anything? Well press "TAB" and then enter the text "r.bloomquality=0". Hit enter and now suddenly you can see!

The Gamma command functions in a similar manner by changing the game light. And if a server allows it in their config options you can even use the option to make the night time quite bright and visible. "Gamma #"

Here's an exhaustive list of commands you can enter and change, but really the only useful ones are the "r.bloomquality=#", "r.lightshafts=#", and "Gamma #"