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    Quote Originally Posted by Heilaard View Post
    S+ mod seems to have bugged out on extinction, all structures are gone. About 12 hours ago from this post everything was still just fine.

    Ragnarok en SE are offline aswell
    I've shut down Extinction now until I can find an appropriate backup with S+ structures intact. I should be able to get it back up in a few hours from now.

    We had a Windows Update last night on the virtual server and I'm guessing auto restarts threw some startup scripts out of order.

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    The same happened on se and rag, there is a high chance island and ab have the same problem...
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    Update: The problem is more involved than just S+ not loading. Currently working on it.

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    All 5 Ark servers are back up and running with S+ intact, verified in game on each server.

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    Can't join. Think servers need update

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    Quote Originally Posted by Swimwagen View Post
    Can't join. Think servers need update
    The holiday update was released and the servers were updated.

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    Something wrong with Extinction server. Was kickout then can't join. Maybe new update?

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    Seems like extinction is down.

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