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    Quote Originally Posted by Epimetheus View Post
    CI is down.
    I've initiated an update cycle, starting now. Will check back in an hour to ensure it completed successfully.

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    Some how CI's update was corrupted. I've forced a re-install of the pertinent files that were lost (nothing to do with map saves or characters). As of this post the server is online.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Epimetheus View Post
    CI is down again.
    Still down

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    Quote Originally Posted by Khajera View Post
    Still down
    Still at work

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jiro_89 View Post
    Still at work
    LOL figured, not worried.

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    Some sort of corruption happened with CI files. I've done a partial re-install of the Ark files for CI. Saved Ark directories were unaffected.

    CI is confirmed back up, I logged on and did a quick spectator mode check.

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