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Hi Jiro,
Thanks for clearing that up. It's nice to know where we are at.
On another note I got the feeling I may have offended you with my last message? If so, please know that was never my intention and I apologize if I have done so. I work on software and I know full well the difficulties that come with it and with managing servers.

As for the stuff we lost; if we could just get the artifacts as amberjs described them we will be happy diggers
Nope, I'm not offended. No apologies needed. I just don't get much time so direct messages with more details result in much more efficient help from me or other staff. Like which server, what your game name/steam ID is, items lost, etc. If it's a busy week and I only have time every few days to hop on for 30 mins to do some work then having to go back and forth with posts to ask pertinent questions can result in some pretty hefty delays for the players having issues. It can also supply other available staff with the appropriate information they might need to help as well.

For sensitive in-game information you can private message as well. I'll need to have a player online that I can give items to.