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    All 5 Ark PvP servers have been brought online and opened. I'm hesitant to officially announce until the servers have been live for a couple of days with auto-backup and auto-update checking scripts running. If nothing serious happens, I'm planning on an announced re-opening this weekend.

    I also have a couple of special announcements coming down the pipeline related to game servers.

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    comment. not a direction or path. ....specific server issues threads?

    now. on crystal i had just looted a white beacon and got thatch items. dont need dont care looted it and tried to place them for demolish resources. it didnt work. on a mountain top so i move...nope. typed this out went back, nope. both right click inventory and hot bar nope. starting with foundation of course but it just wont place.

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    possible issue with flexible stone piping not continuing water. edit: it still works though just not 'blue' showing water flow.
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    Those issues are likely map specific if placement is blocked in just the mountain top or other possible "resource" areas. That was a default setting on The Island back in early access days.

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    All 6 Ark servers online.

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