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    The Island server is back up again. Structures plus underwater cubes seems to be the culprit. It's likely a specific cube was causing the crashes but there's no way to know and no way to fix the issue without deleting all cubes from the server. S+ cubes are in use on other HappyDiggers servers and haven't been crashing so it's difficult to pin point a cause.

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    Question Owner problems


    I play on your server #HappyDiggers PvPvE [5xTame 3xGather 2xXP] - (v276.42)#
    User name: Swimwagen
    Tribe name #Tribe of Tussiig#
    Base loction: Lat 74 Lon 34
    Base area Lat 70-76 Lon 31-35
    Problem: The hole base,bulding and animals don't belong to our tribe anymore.
    My character has lost all items but not lvl
    Can you fix back all our animals and base bulding pls

    Sincerely Swimwagen


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    This is probably the strangest bug I've ever seen an unofficial server produce in Ark. To sum up my troubleshooting, it's as if ownership of everything on the server was rolled back 1.5+ years. I have no idea why or how something like this could happen, and there are absolutely no commands, configs, settings, etc that can even remotely control ownership in such a manner.

    Anyways, the problem has been fixed with a rollback. I managed to minimize loss down to a day or so. Your tribe logs and character levels will remain unchanged as a rollback in this manner doesn't affect characters, tribes, and tribe logs. This also seems to have fixed the underwater cube crash which means the crash was probably related to some of my mosasaurus with underwater cubes on their platforms going "wild/unclaimed" and the server didn't know how to handle that, which was a symptom of the ownership rollback.

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    Wink Is working :)

    Is working perfect now.
    Many thanks for the fix, now is the weekend saved

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    Ark Server the island needs to update, can't join

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    Well actually its not only the island server, all of our servers need to be updated/checked over.

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    All the server should be updated now.

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