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    Report ARK server down here

    We often get reports about the server being down. Sometimes it is really down but most often the ARK client hides the server from view because of an update in ARK or one of the mods.

    In any case, if you can't reach or see the server, please report it in this thread. That way we can keep the reports in a single central location which will help our admins to respond to the issues faster.


    When replying to this thread you MUST say specific issues. For example, if you're trying to login to Valguero and the server is not listed you MUST say Valguero is down. If you notice multiple servers are down you can say Extinction and Valguero are down, etc. If you login to a server and structures are missing you can say some or all of your S+ structures are missing. If you don't list specifics you may not be helped in a timely manner. We run multiple servers and without specifics we may not be able to identify your problem.
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