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    it seems i picked up bad time to start playing ark... crashed, rollbacks, maybe its time to find a server without s+ and problem solved.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DAoshy View Post
    it seems i picked up bad time to start playing ark... crashed, rollbacks, maybe its time to find a server without s+ and problem solved.
    I don't think you've been following along very well. S+ is not the problem. WildCard is. WildCard pushed the 271.17 update that broke every major mod because they changed the base code of the game without notifying anyone in the patch notes. When they discovered their blunder they rolled back the official servers to 271.16 but they did not inform anyone of the problems and left all server owners and mod developers in the dark for 3 days. When they finally spoke publicly about the problem they talked about it in a way that wasn't their responsibility, yet they said they'd "take a look anyway".

    They released a 271.2 version that was supposed to fix the 271.17 problem, BUT IT DID NOT. Instead it introduced new fatal errors that are caused by un-stasising dinos trying to eat food. These problems have forced server owners to rollback to before the 271.17 update. Any server owner that hasn't done this yet or can't do this has been experiencing continued fatal errors multiple times a day every day. Remember that discord I talked about that other server owners put together to collaborate and problem solve the fatal errors we were all having? It's still around.

    There are 60+ server owners in there and many of them are still having fatal error problems with no solutions. 60+ server owners equals 60-180 servers because many owners have clusters. These are just the admins that are going out of their way to solve the issues. There are reports ALL OVER the steam forum mod pages of servers getting fatal errors from server owners not in the discord. Most people that run servers don't have access to their servers like we do, they rent out a server or three from a hosting company and are limited in their options. You want to see first hand what everyone else is experiencing? Browse the most popular bug report threads. Browse the discord server owners put together. Many mods even removed their bug report threads because so many people are complaining about their crashes which have nothing to do with the mods because it's on WildCard's end. Structures Plus had ~70 pages of bug report threads with 70%+ of it talking about the crashes.

    If you want a safe unofficial server find one that's not running ANY mods. WildCard changed the base code which broke aspects of mods pulling and using the code. We have the longest running unofficial Ark servers I have seen coming up on 2 years for The Island with no wipes. The Island has been online for 16227 in game days since January 2016, have fun finding any other servers that claim they don't wipe with those numbers. Even official servers have all been wiped to legacy with no support from WildCard. I have never wiped a server and I've only had to rollback twice. If I can prevent it, I do everything I can to not rollback because I don't want people to lose their progress.

    I've worked tirelessly on trying to fix the fatal errors and I did in fact find a fix to 3 of the fatal errors presented. The final error that broke the camel's back was the same un-stasising fatal error. I figured out how to fix it by deleting entire species of dinos one at a time off the server, but it would come back again in the form of someone else's tamed dino. This process requires 1-4 hours of testing as each time I remove just 1 species of dino for testing I have to restart the server with a fresh save. Within the same day the fatal error would return because all dinos try to eat and all dinos go into stasis at some point.

    What are other server owners that won't rollback to 271.16 doing? They're removing entire player and tribe files thinking they're corrupted (dino unstasis fatal error I discovered). They're wiping out entire bases and all dinos (also the unstasis error). They're wiping their whole maps and starting over (same as going pre-271.17). They're removing large sections of mod files from the server and wiping those structures (the original fatal error presented after 271.17). They're getting fatal errors every day, multiple times a day. Many can't even boot up their servers.

    I'm going to revise what I said about a safe server to play on. None of them are safe. Not official, not unofficial. As long as WildCard continues to change the game without keeping the players and the mod developers in the loop it will always be a problem and the potential for another catastrophe. They used to put out "ninja" changes all of the time without notifying players in the patch notes. This has gotten better over the last 6 months or so, but it seems it's still a lurking problem as evidence by this massive screw up followed by WildCard keeping it's mouth shut and letting all of the unofficial servers suffer without any explanation or acknowledgement.

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    Sounds like studio Wildcard is a real piece of work. I mean, it's OK that they are idiots. Really. Just tell people when you screw up. That way people know why stuff is breaking and they can work to get it fixed. Then the problem would be inconvenient, but people would understand. Software development is tricky after all.

    By not telling they screwed up they prove they are not just a bunch of idiots, but also a bunch of scumbags. Seeing all the trouble they've caused the ARK community over the past years, I really wouldn't shed any tears if they would be bought by EA, went bankrupt or got sued again. They truly are a terrible studio.

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    And i thought that 271.17 caused issues mainly with s+, dang i miss good old days when unofficial servers could run any version they wanted and updated to newer only when they want, but now days rust, ark, 7 days to die.. whenever they change something everyone just has to deal with it..

    I do appreciate what you guys are doing, i would help if i could but i know nothing about stuff like that

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    That has pretty much always been the case with Ark, unfortunately. When a mod updates everyone is forced to update (client and server). When a major build version comes out for the game everyone is forced once again. Even some minor versions have required forced updating a few times which is even more prevalent with Ragnarok. If I had it my way we wouldn't update until the version has been established as stable by the community since there have been numerous cases of the developers releasing updates without doing very much testing (and in some cases no testing at all).

    The good news is the server has been running without problems for 24 hours now and I've performed a few more forced update cycles without issues. I'm eagerly anticipating a mod or game update to put it through the final test, but I'm optimistic we're in the clear based on what I've seen with our server and what other owners who rolled back to a pre-.17 save are reporting.

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    Ark devs just pushed the 271.3 update and our servers updated without any problems. I'm confident that the Ragnarok server is in a stable state now.

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    272 arrived, unfortunately I updated...

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    Ark servers have been updated.

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    was not sure where to write server is fine no need for panic

    basically i just log on and noticed that s+ industrial grinder is broken, all recipes are gone and it is powered but you cannot turn it on not even when you put fuel in inventory from people who is on right now no one could verify if its just my grinder or all of them not functioning, because they did not had s+ grinder, it's no big issue, but just making you aware with stuff what was happening lately

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    We have s+ grinder, it's working ok.

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