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    it may have restarted itself but character files seem off. Khajera was asked to create new toon on Genesis. will have her check again.

    i was able to log in ok and craft both torches. ported home and logged out.

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    Genesis down

    Genesis is down,

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    Genesis is back up.
    Server is reset a few minutes, but other than that everything seems fine.

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    Thanks for the reports. Even though the server is still suffering from some possible hardware issues, at least it's getting itself going again.

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    All servers have been down for the last 3 hours.

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    Servers are down (for what I saw, Genesis and Valguero)

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    I have been unable to reach the ARK server. My guess would be that the server has crashed and is unable to recover on it's own :/

    Let's hope Jiro can reset it soon.

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