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    The ISP changed the IP. DNS records are updated accordingly. addresses will work again.

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    Couldnt transfer from Valguero to any of the other maps, but they are not shown as being down on battlemetrics.

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    There was a 2 minute power outage while I was away. Server is back online.

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    Something has happened in the latest update that broke communication of the servers with steamcmd. I don't know what changed, but I've spent a long time troubleshooting this to no avail. I've gone so far as to start with a clean ark server and steamcmd, but still no dice. I may be able to get some time to troubleshoot tomorrow, but my schedule is very tight these days. Unfortunately this means the Ark servers will be down until the problem is resolved.

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    Apparently we're not the only ones affected. WildCard pushed out the update to windows clients and not Linux/Mac which is the first time they've done this in years (back when the game was in alpha). They've effectively raised their middle finger to all non windows users (servers and players alike). It has been four days since the update and they still haven't fixed it. Will Linux be brought up to date at some point soon? Probably, but it could be a week or more. Until then, there's nothing I can do.

    As much as I love Ark, it's situations like these that make me want to wash my hands of WildCard.

    Side note: our Modded Starbound server is still running strong. No interruptions or issues since it was launched.

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