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    Exclamation Server Restarted!!

    Good Afternoon,

    Firstly may I say your Island server is where me and my friends play. We are having a great time and appreciate the work you've put into the server. Probably one of the finest servers we have played on.

    Yesterday the server went down for what seemed like an eternity to an ark player!! I totally appreciate you guys are US based and we are UK based so the time zones mess everything up. Hence the normal 6 hour lag behind normally. That's not my issue.

    The issue I have was yesterday the server restarted I believe around 15:40hrs UK time. At the time I was out flying on my 402 Pternadon and all of a sudden, A message came up something along the line of " game world saved, see you on the other side" and it was then immediately down.

    We then had about a 5 hour wait until we could log back on, ( again I get why). However when I logged back in, I was dropping to the floor and immediately died. We then had to organise a search party to find our best Flyer. Now we did find it and I managed to retrieve my gear also. after an annoying 3rd person search

    All I'm asking for if possible. Is next time can we at least have a bigger timed warning. This way if we are flying we can get them to a safe place to land on etc...

    And finally on a very minor note. my friends and I are all above 18. Now I get not everyone on the server is. and I respect your server rules of no swearing etc... I wont lie to you though we all swear like troopers. at each other jokingly as friends do in TeamSpeak. Now as you know one of my Friends when first joining the server a couple of weeks ago. Made a character named BitchFace. haha stupid name really but its a personal joke between us. He was renamed to Unhappyface which is more than fair enough, within your rules. However May I make a request his name is infact changed To Project92. Just a minor request

    Once again cheers for hosting our new home

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    Thank you for your input. We have a couple of different ways to update servers, the simplest being a special update script I made. There are two versions of this script, an auto update no warning version and a 10 minute warning version. Typically if I see people on the server when I'm going to update it I activate the 10 minute warning script. I'm pretty much the only admin that takes care of all of the ARK server problems. That being said, as you guessed I'm US based (west coast) so there is lag time when it's night here and when I'm at work. The servers and server owner are actually based in the Netherlands. InsaneJ (the owner) helps take care of restarting the server in the event that I'm not online by using the update scripts I mentioned. It sounds like he may have used the no warning update script, which I'm sure was not an intentional ploy to get you guys kicked off your dinos and killed. Accidents happen, and it sounds like it worked out as you were able to find the dino and body.

    Regarding the 5 hour delay between the two server restarts, the server decided to start up with an error. There was no rhyme or reason and it happens, rarely. The Scorched Earth server started up in the same way at the same time and ran just fine. After a second restart of The Island it was running correctly.

    And finally, your friend UnhappyFace. I would be glad to change his name to "Project92", but he needs to be online when I am online for the change to happen. To make things easier what is his steam username? It's much simpler to see who is online based on their steam username rather than ingame name. Taken care of

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    you must be getting bored of us lot by now

    there's been a small S+ update so people can't see the server if it's not been updated

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    I can't stress enough the importance of praising Jiro for all the good he does!

    Of course every active staff member needs praising, but historically they all was merged into one divine deity
    (nice idea actually, need to make a statue with mixed skins from all staff members next time)

    We did a lot for this on Minecraft servers: statues, shrines, signs, verbal praising, praising events, ...

    Don't drop the torch, Arkenians!

    Sincerely, .

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    we praise Jiro all the time, especially after he didn't kill us when we decided to have a peek in his base (although to be fair his inner turrets rinsed us which was funny)

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    Server down

    Hi guys any update on the server being updated? Still down. Thank you

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    I've just initiated the forced update scripts Jiro made that should give players 10, 5 and 1 minute warnings. If all goes well the servers should update after about 10 minutes and be back shortly after that.

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    so there's been yet ANOTHER S+ mod update, due to the last one not really working. So, unfortunately, we can't see the server again

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    I've initiated the updated scripts with 10 minute warning again.

    The servers should be up now.

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