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    Looks like a mod updated and whichever one it was didn't update their page correctly. Valhalla won't be able to be updated until InsaneJ can take a look as the remote access is still down.

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    Both Ark servers updated to 247.1 and now live.

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    2 Valhalla mods updated. Working on updating the server.

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    This server will be the death of me . Valhalla mods are now up to date.

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    5 minutes later.... another forced client-side mod update breaking server compatibility across the globe!

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    Mod update needed on Valhalla (due to Structures+).

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    Valhalla mods are now up to date. Both servers updated to 247.3.

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    Another mod update needed on Valhalla.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheRealPoker View Post
    Another mod update needed on Valhalla.
    I just connected after the client updated the mod. Perhaps J updated the mods? Anywho, if you still can't connect I can do another mod update.

    edit: I forgot I configured the mods to auto-update on start, so when the server is restarted the mods are up to date which is what happened.

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