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    I know its much later, but Ragnarok is down.

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    I may have found the issue. The UltraStacks mod was updated 2 days ago and it seems some servers are experiencing crashes due to an update corruption of the mod. I'll run a full re-installation of the mod folder which should fix the crashing.

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    Servers are up. If all goes well the crashes should stop.

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    Had to take them down again for a quick minute to reauthorize the advanced chat plugin with a code from the developer. Servers are up for real this time

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    Ragnarok seems to have crashed again.

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    All servers are crashed. I have figured the issue of the crash. Anyone who gets on and uses /vote command in chat currently crashes the server.

    We might have to take a look at the vote command to see why it causes server crashes.

    Anyone who reads it, please refrain from voting for time being until Jiro figures out the issue.

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    I've started all servers again. Tell players not to vote until that issue has been resolved.

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    I've removed the vote plugin and restarted the servers. Sounds like you guys found the real problem and in the process we may have fixed another potential problem with the corrupted mod update. The vote plugin developer is aware of the issue and will post a fix soon so we shouldn't have to wait too long before we can continue to run the vote rewards.

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    Ark had an update. Servers need to be updated.

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