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    Quote Originally Posted by Dourne View Post
    rag may have crashed
    I don't have a connection console for Rag or Scorched Earth so they both may be down. My connection to the virtual server is down at the moment too. InsaneJ will probably be the first to be able to get to this.

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    Servers should be up and running again.

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    did not see rag on the server list. se is back.

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    All Ark servers back online.

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    There has to be an issue. i log in on the island and try to kill a dodo and after like 2 hits it stops moving and the server loses connection. i have been moving to each server in turn besides extinction and aberration and get the same result.

    SE took about 10 min but got the same disconnect and it no longer shows on the list.
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    I've identified the culprit. A plugin that's supposed to help restart servers when they crash was thinking our servers were crashing and issuing restarts but not fully restarting the servers which left them shut down. I've removed the plugin from all servers for now.

    I'll be doing a batch of plugin updates later today as well.

    Edit: More corruption found. I'm investigating.

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    I've corrected a number of issues. It seems the latest Ark update that "fixed an exploit" also caused a ton of problems for mods and plugins.

    The servers are running now, but cross server chat functionality is broken. Currently it's causing some log spam in the consoles, but unless it causes the server to crash I'm going to let it stay for a bit. Developers are actively working on switching cross chat capability from RCON to MySQL, so the fix will happen at some point.

    Discord is getting all Ark chat though, so if you still want to see what people are saying on other servers that's still an option.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Swimwagen View Post
    Servers is down
    The servers will be down for a little period of time. You can read this thread so you know the full story.

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    Since I haven't been playing I have no idea if the server is still down for switching or if its actually down.

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