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    All 5 Ark PvP servers have been brought online and opened. I'm hesitant to officially announce until the servers have been live for a couple of days with auto-backup and auto-update checking scripts running. If nothing serious happens, I'm planning on an announced re-opening this weekend.

    I also have a couple of special announcements coming down the pipeline related to game servers.

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    comment. not a direction or path. ....specific server issues threads?

    now. on crystal i had just looted a white beacon and got thatch items. dont need dont care looted it and tried to place them for demolish resources. it didnt work. on a mountain top so i move...nope. typed this out went back, nope. both right click inventory and hot bar nope. starting with foundation of course but it just wont place.

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    possible issue with flexible stone piping not continuing water. edit: it still works though just not 'blue' showing water flow.
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    Those issues are likely map specific if placement is blocked in just the mountain top or other possible "resource" areas. That was a default setting on The Island back in early access days.

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    All 6 Ark servers online.

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    unable to connect to any server.

    unable to query server for invite.

    although they show online.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dourne View Post
    unable to connect to any server.

    unable to query server for invite.

    although they show online.
    The Ark game version updated and the servers did not.

    It seems the update scripts may be having ownership/permission issues. I've put in a temp fix for now where the servers will update every time they're restarted which means the servers will update at least once a day when the daily backup script runs.

    Also of note, The Island server didn't take well to this fix. I'll have to investigate later. For now the other 5 Ark servers are up to date and online.

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    not seeing the servers

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dourne View Post
    not seeing the servers
    S+ updated and now it says mod mismatch when you try to join via link

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    TheIsland, SE, Rag, Extinction, and CI are updated and online. Aberration is having problems.

    I also discovered that TheIsland and Rag were reset at some point. They were on days 130 and 138. I introduced a rolled back version of those maps, but the fact that nobody noticed kind of tells me what I need to know about the interest in the old PvP maps.

    Aberration is fixed and up.

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