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    Mods were updated about an hour ago on Valhalla.

    Mods can't be automated, not unless you're really good at scripting and can make a script that can auto-check and detect mod update listings off of the workshop page.

    Game version updates can be automated but many of the scripts people have out there are old and don't work for one reason or another. I have a script I've been working on for a while, but it's not quite working yet. Until then we still have to manually update. Our moderators will be able to do manual updates soon though, which will help. Just a matter of getting some things done first.

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    Need mod update on Valhalla (at least) again please.

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    Mods updated on Valhalla and is back up.

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    Seems the Valhalla server is down atm.

    Btw, is it normal that Valhalla doesn't appear in the "My survivors" list of servers? And the Island one somehow vanished from my favorites, too. I only rely on the links posted on the site.

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    Valhalla is back up.

    It seems Valhalla was suffering from a fatal error on startup. The save was somehow corrupted so I reverted to a save from a day ago which means losses should be minimal, if any at all, since people haven't been able to play on it due to the crash.

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    And right after I lost my Raptor the server mods need to be updated again.

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    The Scorched Earth server is down :-( pls fix

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    The ARK servers may or may not have been updated. I really can't tell with all the fancy Jiro-ware scripts

    Try again?

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