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    Want a 1.7.3 server or not?

    So i was thinking of a old 1.7.3 beta server for those that still want the great stuff to be back like the old crazy map generation, the great mining adventures i think most of us had and maybe have some new ones and show those that started from MC 1.0.0 that the full version has something that is missing.

    OK now on side 2 i think you wonder how can you get the actual client. Well you can use the same Launcher J posted here:

    Just scroll down the page where it shows LAUNCHER NEWS (similar to the changelog of the original MC launcher) and click SHOW MORE at the Download more jars section than just look for Beta 1.7.3

    So vote the pool and hope you will choose the right option not only for you or me but for all those that miss the old beta.

    PS: NEW map to explore so think well you will have more diamonds to find xD

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    RE: Want a 1.7.3 server or not?

    Marius asked me if I could make a server for Beta 1.7.3. I like the idea, but I'll only make one if more people are interested.

    We were thinking about keeping it a vanilla server. Which also begs the question, will we use a whitelist for it? And if so, who will we allow access to the server?

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    RE: Want a 1.7.3 server or not?

    its a ok idea but only the folk that ask for the server should be white-listed i think ...and also the ones that can be trusted not to use xray ...that is my one pet peeve about the folk on this server should never be aloud :@:@...think it needs to be a full trust server and a community one all stick together around spawn instead of wandering off miles know like on the very first server those were the days and all adventure together

    oh and it gets built legit ...and stays legit .
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    RE: Want a 1.7.3 server or not?

    How about all the people from the vanilla server get white-listed first, just so we know what kind of people are online, then we can add more?

    And, personally, I think that a 1.7.3 server would be absolutely fantastic! I love the idea.
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    RE: Want a 1.7.3 server or not?

    I'd love a 1.7.3 server. Better terrain, and a new map.

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    RE: Want a 1.7.3 server or not?

    As wordie said, if it's like the first server, and everyone sticks around spawn etc it'll be an awesome.

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    RE: Want a 1.7.3 server or not?

    I would love it, cuz I loved updates before 1.8
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    RE: Want a 1.7.3 server or not?

    I downloaded beta_1.7.3 through the Digiex Minecraft Launcher. You can find it in the topic Marius linked to in the opening post. When you get to this screen:

    Click options, then click jar downloader. A new window will appear that for some reason always seems to hide behind the Minecraft window. Download beta_1.7.3 and you're good to go.

    I tried generating a few worlds. The first 2 were really flat and boring, but the third... Well, let's just say it's just what everybody is reminiscing about There are a couple of things that immediately stand out. There's no hunger bar, no running, terrain is less sophisticated, caves are boring again, there are no rivers. On the other hand, there is crazy terrain again, pressing F3 shows labels for mobs, and it's really REALLY dark at night. I mean, it was scary wandering at night without anything on me as I tried out some new, er, old things

    Basically it really feels like a less sophisticated version of Minecraft, which it is of course. But now that we've been playing the current version so much you really notice all the small details and changes that have been made. And you might probably notice there is a lot of stuff missing. That certainly has it's appeal. No more enchanting or potions, no wolves or ocelots. It's just you, the pigs, dark scary nights and way too many creepers ^^

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    RE: Want a 1.7.3 server or not?

    There are wolves but you need to look a little for them i think they were still rare like ocelots, life regenerates with food so you don't need that hunger bar and i don't think endless caves are too good gets boring when you go explore them and find out you got lost :dodgy: and night makes you think what will happen outside there if you have no torches so makes a greater survival feeling .

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    RE: Want a 1.7.3 server or not?

    I'm closing this thread. Please continue the discussion in the beta-1.7.3 thread

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