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    It would be awesome if HappyDiggers started a TFC Reloaded server

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    We're discussing options behind the scenes

    If people would like to recommend TFC based packs, now is the time. Keep in mind that the pack needs to be stable and not too heavy. For example, TnFC is a heavy pack that's pushing the limits of what can realistically be run on a public server. We'd prefer lighter packs than that.

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    Ya Terrafirmapunk would be cool too. With 2.0 coming out i's a popular pack right now, but I'm sure that would be very heavy as well and not too realistic

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    Just looked at TerraFirmaCraft Reloaded 1.4.2. First impression is that it shouldn't be too heavy to run as a public server. There are no tech mods or chunk loaders so with a few basic rules it should be doable.

    Is there a link to the TFC Reloaded 2.0 plans somewhere?

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    Not sure. I played it on curse, but I'm pretty sure is on technic.

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    I was talking about tech mods(Buildcraft, IndustrialCraft, EnderIO, Mekanism, etc), not the launcher the mod pack is on.

    Never ever mention the technic launcher. If the pack is not on the FTB or AT launcher we'll just assume the mod pack is from Curseforge and leave it at that. Otherwise we won't be able to talk about this on the TFC forum.

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    Got it. Sorry. Still don't know my knowledge on that side of things is limited.

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    FYI This is why...

    From the TFC forums.

    So if and when a tfc pack is set up, we want to be able to let people know about it.

    2. No advertising of Technic/Tekkit modpacks or servers.

    • Any server posts that advertise or contain links related to the Technic/Tekkit launcher will be either deleted, or have the advertisement/link redacted from the post. We do not support the use of the Technic/Tekkit launcher on these forums. You are welcome to create a Technic/Tekkit modpack or server with TerraFirmaCraft, you just aren't allowed to advertise it here.
    • Secondary offenses will result in a warning point, and further offenses will result in the forum member being banned from this forum.

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    Thank you Rainnmannx. I knew it was a touchy subject in the Minecraft community, but thank you for the information. I've never been heavy into forums or much other than just playing.

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