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    Exact server config

    Hi folks,

    I was wondering whether it would be possible to publish the Valhalla server's Game.ini (and possibly the other config files, I'm not yet that familiar with all the various settings)?

    The reason why I am asking is that I often encounter the server offline when I want to play (due to mod updates, so I understand why that's the case). Now when that happens I'd like to simply play a bit of single player, so far so good. Due to an issue with the Mac save files I am forced to actually run a server myself for doing so. Since I'm used to your setup I'd like to copy it as good as I can. Mods and such is easy, obviously, but for example the custom leveling is giving me a headache. It's not a big issue, but should one of the admins visit your server's files anyway in the near future and should you be fine with sharing the config, let me know.


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    All of the important settings are listed on the main server page. If you click on the spoilers for the different servers you will see a list of config settings. Most config settings are changed in the GameUserSettings.ini and some are in the Game.ini. All Ark server config options can be found here.

    The main server page is here.

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    Thanks Jiro.
    I know about the page and I also have a basic understanding of the ini files (or rather: I know where they're documented). Some things aren't directly clear from the server's description. For example the player levelling: up to 200 is clear, but if I understand the documentation correctly, customizing that means defining your own experience curve (how much EXP is needed for each level, how many Engram points you get for which level and so on).
    Since you play tested the config (as you stated on said page ) I thought relying on your design will give me a good experience as well.

    If posting the ini itself here (or just the LevelExperienceRampOverrides, for example) is too much of a hassle that's okay. I just thought I would ask.

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    We don't typically post our actual configs publicly regardless of the game or content of the configs. I can share our level extraction data with you though, I've sent it via private message

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