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    AMP 4.x server thread and stuff

    If you encounter any bugs of glitches, please report them here.
    The new AMP 4.x branch is almost ready for server play. We have been discussing plans for this for a while now in the private forum section. However since we do have an FTB server section on the forum I decided it's time to move things out here and keep the other thread just for stuff related to the mod pack.

    AMP 4.x is for Minecraft 1.10.2 right now and contains the following mods:

    As I've said we've discussed plans for the new server for quite some time now. Here are the things that I think stand out the most:
    • Community community community.
    • One base for all. We don't want people scattered across the map any more because you might as well do single player then. People are to stay in the base we're building at spawn.
    • The big base stuff is all community work. We will divide most big things into tasks that one or more people can work on. By tasks we're thinking about: base building, resource gathering, building energy production, building ore refinement, writing computer programs, etc.
    • All resources are shared. However people are free to reserve resources for projects they are working on. Just put that stuff in a chest with a sign clearly labeled: PlayerName project chest.
    • We don't want one or two people to build everything. In the past we had a few people who rapidly progressed through the tech trees and build everything. After that their bases were left chunk loaded and empty draining server resources. Yes, I was one of those people
    • Be open to change and requests. If someone needs 1 million EU to do something and you are building a reactor, then do your best to facilitate the request.
    • No project is exclusive. If you are doing X and someone else would also like to do X, then that person can help do X. Cooperation isn't mandatory, but is strongly encouraged. Just don't finish all the work the other person is working on. If it comes down to it we'd rather have to of X than one unhappy player.
    • Talk about what you are doing with others. Preferably also on this forum. Keep people in the loop of what you're up to so they can take that into account when starting new projects, building, using resources, etc. For example if you need a million sticks, you can't put those in a project chest so they'll remain in the shared storage. You don't want someone else to put those stick through the recycler. So let people know what you are up to.

    Please take note of the Reserving frequencies and enderchest color codes thread. Even though we are all in the same base, it makes sense that people use their own color codes and frequencies. For one things don't get mixed up. And people know who build what and know who to talk to if we want to change something.

    Here are a bunch of disciplines and projects I think we will be doing. Please feel free to discuss more, I'll add them as they are voiced.
    Global disciplines Players involved. Talk to these people if you need anything.
    Base building J, Jiro
    Resource gathering J, Jiro
    Energy production J, Jiro
    Food production
    Bee stuff Mupje
    Ore refinement J
    Auto crafting system, incl programming recipes J
    Farming: plants Mupje
    Farming: animals
    Writing computer programs DOM
    Rail based transportation DOM

    Specific projects Players cooperating on the project.
    Try to keep this limited to 3 per player at a time.
    Gather materials for early game startup (done) J, Jiro, RX
    Building initial base (keep future expansions in mind) J, Jiro
    Building low tier energy production (burning coal from cacti/trees) (done) J
    [S]Build building for portals to the Nether and Mining dimension.[S] (done) Jiro
    Building simple auto crafting stuffs (done)
    Building early ore refinement: Tinker's Construct (done) RX
    Food!! Mupje
    Tavern Heptagon
    Build food network with enderchests (done) Mupje
    Building early game armor and tools for everyone Heptagon
    Building Jurassic Park DOM
    Breeding dinosaurs for the park galros
    Building 5x ore refinement setup (Mekanism) done RX
    IC2: factory and nuclear reactor (factory done) J
    Building Gravisuite chest armor for all (done) J
    Building refined storage setup (done)
    Fully automate ore refinement and auto crafting for all machines J, RX
    Opencomputers robot shop RX
    Kitchen Heptagon
    Locker room
    Clean up the campus (remove farm stuffs) and create plazas
    Teleporters and central embark building J
    TARDIS Heptagon

    As you can see multiple people can be assigned to multiple disciplines. So if two ore more are assigned to the same one, they need to discuss what they're going to do and who does what. Multiple players can work on the same project, but we shouldn't have as many people working on the same project as we have in each discipline. One person can only do so much after all

    Try not to start a ton of projects at the same time. Pick 2 or 3 and finish those before moving on to the next.

    A project can be anything. I've just listed a bunch of things I think we'll be doing. If you want to specifically add ornaments to our base but not do the "heavy" construction parts, that can be a project. If you want to go fishing to collect all types of fish and put them in item frames, that can be a project. If you want to collect all the Jurassiccraft dino statues, go ahead. If you want to change the boring glass windows in our base with something fancy: that's another project.
    Whatever you do, just let us know about it. Doing this will help create a sense of community and will spark creativity and involvement.

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    When we start the new map I intend to do early game mining by hand. This will yield stone and ore. I'll also help with chopping down trees and exploring nearby villages/structures for goodies.

    Once we have a bunch of resources I'll help with the initial base building.

    I think the new base should keep future expansion in mind. This means that each floor should have a sub-level where we can place all kinds of wires. This will help keep things look neat and tidy.

    As for base design, I think I'd like something that spreads our horizontally rather than having multiple levels above each other. This should also help with server performance.

    V.I.P. members and staff who wish to play on the new FTB server, please participate in this thread. It's as much a part of the new server as the Minecraft part

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    Sounds good! When do we start?

    We might need to refine the food category a bit. For example: a food distribution system would be handy. You already assigned me to bee stuff and farming plants, so I wouldn't want to assume the food production oversight as well, unless there are no takers of course

    For now you may sign me up for the food project (I'll make sure there's stuff to eat early game).

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    We'll start somewhere this week.

    I've added your for the food and building food network with ender chests.

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    Sign me up for Jurassic Park. I will gladly do the control systems and NPC logic. I picture that I will be able to help design rides and make NPC staff and patrons. Someone else can discover how to breed real dinos and add them to the exhibit. I am also not too good at building large scale projects, but I can help.

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    I'm new to everything AMP, I know NOTHING (like how to install even)... but I'm needing a new time sink. I've recently been building a Castle on Vanilla close to spawn and walls are about 70% done. With so many lack luster games this year I have found nothing to replace my decades worth of MMO fun. Modded Minecraft with other people is always something I have been looking for. Let me know where to start and I'll figure it out.

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    "Breeding dinosaurs for the park"

    Quote Originally Posted by DOM View Post
    ... Someone else can discover how to breed real dinos and add them to the exhibit...
    I'm also new to AMP and I'm not whitelisted on AMP serrver at the moment.
    I would like to work with Dino breeding and would like some help with this if someone is interested
    Sign me up for "Breeding dinosaurs for the park", ish.

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