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    Server Problem - Town locked in safe mode?


    I, Mattatat14, and another user in my town, Rosey28, have tried to log on in the 20 minutes leading up to this post and both are getting messages saying the town is locked in safe mode. We are unable to move and the screen is all shaky. I did not die or lose any notable items and do not know if Rosey28 did. Is this something I caused? I haven't been on in about 2 days. Is there something we can do to avoid this? Is this something you all have to fix or us?

    Thank you for your help and for your time. We appreciate you all.


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    I was last logged onto the server around 8pm (GMT-8) last night. I did not experience any issues, so as far as tracking down an event, it must've happened sometime between then and 4pm today (about when I logged back on)

    Here is a video showing what happens when one logs in.

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    Thanks for reporting this. It should be fixed now.

    This is a known Towny issue. They don't know how to use a database so they treat it like it's an Excel sheet. Because of this it's possible for a player to be in two towns at the same time. When that happens Towny sees something is horribly wrong and enforces Safe Mode so things don't get messed up further.

    In this case vuilepootjes4114 was mayor of the towns Salt and Cyk. I don't know which town was first. I have deleted the town Salt from the Towny database and now Towny once again runs in normal mode.

    The town Salt may need to be reclaimed.

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    Thanks for your diligence in handling the server issues. It's good to know that despite being years active, the HappyDiggers TFC server still gets the care and support of any full-fledged server

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