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    TFC Freebie server issue

    Meow, There's either an issue with my character, or the freebie TFC server. I did "/t outpost" and the game somewhat exited (dirt background screen) with some text; downloading terrain I think. Then it timed out. Attempting to rejoin puts me straight in the lobby.

    My town is Llamafarm and I have no idea where the outpost is.

    /server freebietfc thinks, and says:

    Exception Connecting:ReadTimeoutException : Null

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rainnmannx View Post
    What is at that outpost?
    It works today, woot! It was a freezer outpost to the north, the spawn location was protected from snow so I don't know what was up before but it works now.
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    Have a grill there? There has been some funkyness with grills. Though not sure what exactly it is.

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    There were no grills, it's a sky-house on a mountain with some water barrels and rooms with food in them with a thatch doorway, nothing too bizarre or bug-inducing. I didn't even get around to making a cooking area yet. Maybe it had to calculate an IRL year's worth of decay on food and stressed out about that, but there was still undecayed food left.

    Since it works now, it should continue to keep working

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