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    Cooperative Bouts-Rimes build

    Hmm, guys, I saw that new fountain thing (?) at the Refined Storage backyard (on DynMap only yet) and got an idea.

    How about a collaborative design build? I.e. a some kind of Bouts-Rimés or brainstorming: people take turns and add some features to a build. Or update the build. And probably with time it should evolve into something interesting.

    The origin of this is a game (for children) where people write one line of story and pass the paper to the next person. I don't know the proper English name.

    I.e. we start from a clear ground. A player adds some minor decoration, e.g. a stone ring in the ground. Next person adds few other decorations, or replaces few stone blocks with something else ... etc ...

    (I guess we already do this on the server, helping each other and collaborating, but very mildly, respecting other's projects and not intervening too much.)

    Some limitations should be introduced, because clearly some players are much better and effective in building than others
    And because one player would be sad if next player just completely rewrite his/her additions.
    Or maybe it will be good, only nice updates will survive.
    Just an example of possible limitations:
    • the number of added blocks should be no more than 8
    • the number of replaced/deleted blocks should be no more than 4
    • if you feel you found an awesome addition - ok, the block limit can be increased twice
    • player can act twice a week, to let others take their turns to do their updates. Better to follow some schedule, e.g. one player selects monday and thursday for updates and keeps this schedule for himself/herself
    • or maybe we use some signs near the build when people mark that they have already updated, so if you see that everyone already took turns today, you can act again. otherwise - wait your "timeout"

    What do you think?

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    Sounds good, go for it

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