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    How do i transfer my character from TheIsland to Valhalla?

    When i try to go to valhalla using the obilisk and then clicking ''Travel to another ark'' and then valhalla it loads the map and then doesnt spawn my character but asks me to create a new one. When i click on download ark survivor it says ''Failed to fetch your survivor list, please try again later''
    What is up with that?
    Is there no way for my normal char to join valhalla?
    Do i need to create a seperate char for valhalla?
    Can i take stuff from valhalla to TheIsland?

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    It could have been a glitch on Ark's side. I've seen that happen before when cluster transfers first came out. It should only be temporary.

    Be sure you're using an obelisk. I just transferred a character and items across from The Island to Valhalla, so it should be working.

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