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    Player harassment and unwanted PVP

    ARK Server-Name: HappyDiggers PvPvE[5xTame 3xGather 2xXP]


    I wanted to adress a problem encountered whilst playing on one of your servers. My Friends and I recently started playing ARK on your server and we had some troublesome encounters with other players. First my friend who goes by the ingame name of Tomislav encountered an other player who then proceeded to shooting at him. This happened close to their base and he ran away. On his escape he got picked of the ground and dropped from a high alltitude. A minor nuisance which we could have lived with.
    Yesterday evening on the 23.01.2017 however whilst expanding our base the same people (or atleast we assume they are the same due to their base location) proceeded to grab him again and drop him from a high alltitude which resulted again, in my friends death. They left it at that and we simply ignored it.

    However as we reconnected today we found out that 3 of our dinosaurs had been killed by them, as the logs show,without any reason whatsoever.
    The kulprits names are keanvdb and thomasvds13

    We therefore contact you in the hopes of solving this matter, as we really enjoy playing on your server and spend time and effort into taming those dinosaurs,
    I would like to thank you in advance and I hope to hear from you soon,

    Yours sincerely
    Verstix (Ingame name Jane)
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    I'm glad you're enjoying one of our Ark servers

    I've reached out to thomasvds13 and expect to hear back from him soon. I'll be discussing with him the difference between player harassment and PvP. As always though, you should be aware that PvP is allowed on the server, but killing off dinosaurs "for no reason" is borderline player harassment the first time and definitely is if it continues. Keep in mind that raiding and looting is a perfectly acceptable practice on the server, but not in excess of course.

    Some tips:

    • Build out of stone
    • Building with stone behemoths gates can help you make a 100% sealed box to store dinos in
    • Setup Species X and/or Auto Turrets around your base
    • Is your base location easily defend-able? Look for high areas, land choke points, caves, etc
    • Build with Structures + items as you can pickup/replace the structures easily without loss in material costs

    If things continue to escalate, dinos are lost for no apparent reason, or excessive killing occurs then please keep track of what is lost (species, level, etc) and take screenshots of your tribe log to post on this thread.

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    First off, thanks for your reply
    We are aware of the fact that PvP is enabled but felt as if it was done with the sole purpose of annoying us.
    If anything were to happen furthermore I' would inform you about it

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    I received this message from Verstix.

    Quote Originally Posted by Verstix
    so I reconnectet today and it turns out they destroyed our home ( every chest, pipesytem ...) and they killed all our dinosaurs.
    I am really frustrated right now since i just wanted to play a little bit of ark. I can take screenshots but as I said everything was destroyed so there would be a lot

    I've banned keanvdb and thomasvds13 from HappyDiggers ARK for breaking our "No base wiping" rule. The permanent ban is pending the tribe log pictures I requested from Verstix for which the ban thread will be updated with.

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    So here are the requested screenshots, they are in order and the logs start after the first incident which is why you can see an ingame day difference in between the first lines of the first screenshot

    I apologize for one of the tribe members obscene name

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    Thank you. The bans will remain permanent.

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