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    Meanwhile in Russia

    A court in Russia ( in Tyumen ) blocked the TNT article in the Russian Minecraftopedia ( because it "describes a way to manufacture a TNT".
    Basically this:

    The decision was so idiotic that even the Russian censorship agency RosKomNadzor intervened and asked prosecutor's office to cancel the decision.

    Russian article:

    People in comments are waiting when Jules Verne' "Mysterious Island" will be banned, having many descriptions of productions of dynamite, gunpowder, etc .

    Also remembering that the wiki page for EVE Online, describing how to craft in-game drugs, is already banned. (Russian:

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    It sounds like a great April Fool's joke in February But it feels that they mean it for real.
    More TNT to all

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    TNT is such a wonderful building material. Great for making castles!

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    So. Much. Boom.

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