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    Admin events

    First off, let me say congrats on the 1000 up votes, that's a great achievement.

    I noticed Jiro pop onto the server and put some crates around the island with some treats in which was good fun finding them. I've been on a fair few servers before and even run a few myself (mainly Arma 3 and some other games) but I, personally, love admin events

    I get the feeling that most of you guys are on the scorched earth server and may probably be moving across to the new Centre servers but if you do get a chance to do a couple more admin events that would be cool


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    I'm glad everyone enjoyed it

    I have been considering doing small events like that every 100 votes or so like 1100, 1200, etc and larger ones at every 500. If you have any suggestions for events feel free to share those as well

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    An idea perhaps?

    So obviously we have had our issue with Griefers and the PVP element is strong within certain players.

    So I have had an idea. We were thinking of building a sort of Knights pit within the Quarry,

    So medieval time's Jousting, Sword fighting, Bare knuckle fighting, and perhaps Racing too!

    Would the admins be interested in a 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize situation

    prizes would obviously be admin choice and within reason. (I'm not expecting a titansaur haha), All Tribes Welcome. and perhaps pay an entry fee of Metal Ingots or whatever you can afford depending on Server Level. this would also be given to the Eventual winner?

    Any other tribes would like to have an input? I'm more than willing to listen?

    Just an idea

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    Hosting your own events is always welcome. I like your idea of having a metal ingot (or any resource) buy in, and then perhaps having the winner take home the pot? As for admin events, I'm still looking into possible scenarios. The staff are actually discussing similar things for Ark behind the scenes. It may take a while for the new ideas to be implemented as we have to iron everything out ourselves first, but it's something to look forward to

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    when we used to run our own server I ran a couple of admin events to keep things interesting. One of the events I did was to build a 4 storey maze. In the maze I put traps, couple of dinos, turrets and other things. It was fun and quite handy as you easily change the inside of the maze a number of times to make it new for the next event and I did that without the S+ mod so being able to just pick up walls and move them would be much easier

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    First off, hello!

    I suppose I'd share my idea.
    As a newly arrived ARK player I really found joy in building, especially building beauty.
    My idea is to give each contestant a set amount of resources which they can use to build something in a set amount of time. Once finished, admins look at the buildings created and grade them.
    I am thinking of the admins as jury because they can be impartial and can have fair judgement of the contest.

    On another note I have a reward idea as well for any admin event of the future:
    To the best of my knowledge the player called Shackk has been banned permanently from all happy diggers servers. Now, the other day I was flying around on the Scorched Earth Server and bumped into his cracked open base, where he still owns at least 5 fairly decent level wyverns. Given the current shape of the game getting wyverns has become next to impossible, so I was thinking maybe those wyverns and his other dinos could be rewards for players contesting in admin events.
    I've been thinking about mentioning this for a few days now as I know it was hard getting wyverns as it was earlier too, and this might sound getting wyverns for 'free'. But I figured it is always worth sharing thoughts with you people.

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    It's true Shacck was banned, but we still allow unban requests. He still has a shot at returning if ever he attempted to be unbanned so I won't be giving away his dinos to anybody.

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    Did not know that!

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