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    [ARK] Manticore Arena Bug

    I tried the Manticore today on easy and went with my quetzal and 9600 advanced rifle bullets in.
    When i arrived in the arena it was very bright, almost white and my quetzal wasnt there. So fought for a minute alone without weapons (bc they were on quetzal) against the manticore. After ca. 1-2 min my quetz was suddenly here but only at 500hp (from ca.4k).
    I couldnt get it health back up fast enough so i lost my quetz, my gear and 9600 Bullets + the artifacts for the entry.
    Maybe you can give me atleast the artifacts back so i dont have to collect them again (would be rly nice if i could get the 9600 bullets aswell but the artifacts alone would be already fine)? The time was around 6-8 pm when i went in.

    I would be happy to hear an answer

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    Things this post is missing: Your steam name, your player name, your tribe name, your base location (which you could private message if you like), your quetz's level and initial tame level.

    As an Ark server admin, we are basically at the mercy of bugs and the developer's willingness to sort them out. The boss arenas are especially unforgiving, even without bugs. I'm willing to compensate your losses, but next time you go in you'll be at the mercy of the bug if it happens again. One thing to note, get off your tame after you kill the boss. The arenas have a nag for killing all mounted riders when the boss fight is over if you win.

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    Private message received. New quetz is parked in your base with 9600 advanced bullets on it. The artifacts are on my character's body since they cannot be put into dino inventories. Simply claim the quetz and remove the artifacts from my body and kill it to remove it.

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    Thank you very much, now i can only hope it wont bug again

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